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Welcome to Superior Performance Aviation.  As the owner and operator, I have guaranteed my clients the highest quality instruction available in Natural Resource Aviation.  In expanding the company's training capabilities, I've made an exciting new addition.  Mr. Lon Wimberley is a 32 year veteran of Bell Helicopter, having spent the past 23 years as an instructor at the Bell Flight Training Academy in Fort Worth.  We can now offer refresher and transition training in our ground school, as well as flight safety training in most Bell Helicopter models.

Superior Performance Aviation specializes in assisting privately owned companies, government agencies and military units that are preparing to embark on Natural Resource Aviation missions.  We offer:

• Advanced Rotary-Wing Mountain Flying

• Vertical Reference Longline

• Advanced Natural Resource Firefighting for Pilots

• Aviation Safety Reviews & Consulting Services:
(State / Federal  Aviation / ARNG / DOD)
(Private Companies)

• Safety Management Systems Consulting Services (SMS)
Assistance in Implementation of SMS as required by new Federal Aviation Administration directives
Services in the 4 pillars of SMS:
Policy - Establishing clear direction when needed and understanding best practices to
establish and maintain a highly reliable organizational structure.
Risk Management - Identifying the potentials for mishap and providing mitigations
to ensure a safe and successful mission accomplishment.
Assurance - Review and audits designed to identify the gaps between where
your organization is and where you intend to be.
Promotion - Establishing avenues for training and information sharing that
increases awareness for better decision making.

• Ground School Classes

• Transition

• Flight Safety

Browse our website.  Review our qualifications, references and course content.  Read the recent article in Vertical Magazine.  I'm confident you will agree we offer the best safety and speciality aviation training available today.

Tim Pfahler, Owner

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Lon Wimberley

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